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Ministry of Design | VENU RESORT BALI
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5,715 SQM, PROPOSED 2016


Design Description:
Situated deep amidst the agricultural terraces of Ubud, the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali, Indonesia, the 80 room contemporary resort draws inspiration from the local belief of duality – where seemingly contrasting natural forces complement each other and which is best epitomized by the black and white checkered fabric used by the local Balinese. Also influencing our design is the ordering system of hierarchy & layering, as observed by the Balinese to structure and determine the location, shape and function of buildings and activities.

Working in harmony with the architecture, the open and porous lobby design provides a layered and sequenced experience where guests are welcomed into a distinct black concierge space before proceeding to check-in within a sublime all white reception lounge. Both these areas are imbued with furnishing and details that seek to explore the potential of contemporary Balinese expression, finding a balance between celebrating tradition and pushing the boundaries of contemporary design. At the tail end of the reception lounge, a series of cascading platforms subtly order the lounge space whilst adding to the variety of seating options: hanging swing chairs, low lounge seating to cross reclining on sofa beds.

Ubud Restaurant
As an integral part of our overall Ubud resort experience, this dining space is housed in a unique circular form with unobstructed 360 degree views and breezes. Conceived as an extension of the tropical Balinese dining room, the space is characterized by a casual choreography of loose and distinctive furniture groupings, the experience seeks to create intimate dining chapters that provide returning diners numerous styles of dining to choose from – low lounge seating, bustling communal tables to comfortable and private banquettes. Paired with Balinese inspired furnishings, custom lights and natural materials such as raffia, stone and timber, the experience seeks to extend the overall hotel’s aspiration of finding a balance between celebrating tradition and pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

Ubud Sunset Bar
A key highlight of the Ubud resort experience, the breezy Sunset Bar is located on the roof deck of the unique circular restaurant building. Divided into 2 distinctive experiences, the first area is vibrant & lively, featuring a dance floor, bar and deejay counter. The second area capitalizes on the 360 degree vistas of the lush surrounding landscape where guests can enjoy a cocktail whilst gazing into the sunset whilst luxuriating on large daybeds. Paired with lush landscaping, light screening and natural materials, these intimate cocoon-like setting seeks to extend the overall hotel’s aspiration of finding a balance between celebrating tradition and pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

Ubud Sunken Bar & Restaurant
Harnessing the spirit of the architecture; a circular underground building with an open to sky rotunda and a view to a plunging ravine; the Signature restaurant is a delicious descent into to a world of installation art and epicurean delights. A key experiential highlight in the resort, the interior design strives to amplify and dramatize the 5 senses through a carefully choreographed experience. First descend a concrete stair well and transition through a charred timber corridor where one is greeted by the maitre d counter, the first installation of LED rods begins and continues through the garden of the skylit rodunda. Once inside the restaurant, 2 distinct experiences are unveiled – Drinks within an intimate carved stone cave-like environment or dining indoors or al fresco beside the lush natural ravine and display kitchen.

The palette of the restaurant is deliberately pared back in color tones and to a few choice material selections. Black volcanic stone, burnt wood (shou sugi ban), concrete and distressed copper is used to complement the primal force of the architecture form and to celebrate the return to an almost primitive way of cooking food in the open fire.

As one of the main design expressions of the resort, the interiors for the rooms is a contemporary expression of Balinese culture and the notion of duality - where black and white elements and overall palette are weaved into the spatial design through colour and material accents. Eschewing built-in furniture for a collection of stand alone loose pieces, the design strives to create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. The spatial planning seamlessly blurs interior & exterior spaces and enhances the resort experience with key features by introducing a “picture frame” view of the feature outdoor bath area. This picture frame also serves as a window seat between the balcony and the bath where the bathing experience is elevated from a functional private one to a social shared memory between the guests.