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680 SQM, BUILT 2007

landscape, interior,

Design Description:
Nestled by the foothills of the Great Wall of China at Ba Da Ling, this contemporary country retreat reflects the owner's love and appreciation for nature, light and simplicity.

Completely surrounded by nature, the house is also informed by nature on the inside. Organized around a light-infused courtyard, we have designed generous spaces for lounging, feasting, reading and reposing to be in synchrony with the family's daily rhythms. Divided into 4 main wings—Living, Family, Guest and Service, a consistently pure palette of materials create tranquil and meditative spaces. Ash, stone, marble and textured fabrics are used in varying combinations whilst traditional Chinese elements are transformed to create a constant dialogue between the local culture and foreign influences—the Kang room is updated as an entertainment room and bathed in sunlight; traditional Chinese furniture pieces are finished in modern white lacquer.