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Ministry of Design | THE PRESTIGE HOTEL
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8,570 SQM, BUILT 2019

BRAND STRATEGY, Interior, Landscape, Signage, Installation Art, graphic,

Design Description:
Transposed Heritage: creating something fresh yet familiar

The Prestige Hotel is nestled within Penang’s UNESCO World Heritage neighbourhood of Georgetown and draws inspiration from its local colonial history as well as lush island identity to create a “Tropical Victorian Eden” experience for its guests. To differentiate itself from the two common approaches taken by other notable local hotels, the design neither mimics heritage nor is purely modern. Combining the most characterful elements of the historic context with an innovative and modern sensibility, we sought to “transpose heritage”; not to be ruled by it, but to run with it in order to create something fresh but yet familiar.

Client Testimonial:
“We have spent over 5 years working on The Prestige Hotel, and I am delighted to say that MOD has been great to work with. Their suggestion of the Master Planning exercise to kick off the project was immensely helpful, to work out the guest experience sequence with the local architect and myself. MOD also provided thoughtful planning, and detailed proposals at every turn, making it easy for me to make decisions. Their drawing packages are also tremendously comprehensive, making the costing and building processes, clearer and more effective. The novel and pragmatic approach to the resolution of on-site and design constraints is one of the key success factors in our project. It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with MOD and we continue to be inspired by the brilliance and originality that they have brought to The Prestige Hotel project.”
— Tommy Koay, Founder & CEO, PPH Plaza


  1. Winner, Merit, Best Hotel, 2020 at BCI Asia Interior Design Awards, Singapore
  2. Finalist, Visual Identity, 2020 at AHEAD Asia Awards, Singapore
  3. Finalist, Suite, 2020 at AHEAD Asia Awards, Singapore
  4. Longlist, Spatial Awards Hospitality - Hotel of the Year, 2020 at FRAME The-Great-Indoors Award, Netherlands