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Ministry of Design | CITI WEALTH HUB
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2,725 SQM, BUILT 2021

interior, Signage,

Design Description:
Located in Singapore’s downtown Orchard Road district, MOD’s re-casting of the typical Wealth Hub as a “Banking Conservatory” was to challenge the conventions associated with a high net-worth banking experience.

Inspired by the site’s soaring glass-lined atrium, MOD’s response was to create a focal point that would anchor the entire experience. We created a lush thriving indoor conservatory and paired it with a series of lifestyle-inspired spaces nestled within or organised around it. An observation deck, feature bar, banquette seating, lounge niches and garden meeting pods replace conventionally staid waiting areas & formal meetings rooms. Verdant & lush but yet carefully choreographed greenery, shrubs and trees evoke an atmosphere where everything seems to flourish in a natural and sustainable manner, a nod to the ideals of wealth management. Although drawing from the virtues of biophilic design, the scheme aims to create a cultured conservatory and not a wild forest. Introducing a measure of control and order amidst nature’s abundance, we created a series of carefully detailed planter box arrangements, sinuous in shape to allow for pathways and meeting spaces to be carved out in-between the landscape. These planters are finished in a gold tinted metal and edge lit. A series of Garden Pods have been nestled amongst these and create alternative discussion environments to the conventional meeting room. All landscape design was created in collaboration with acclaimed Landscape designers ICN.

Distributed over 4 levels, the Wealth Hub also houses a series extensive support, administration and back-of-the-house spaces for a large team, a figurative backstage area to support the main show. However unlike a typical bare bones backstage zone, these spaces have been designed as a seamless extension of the main Banking Conservatory, providing a conducive work environment for WMC employees.

Client Testimonial:
“Our brief to Ministry of Design, was to “create a world-class wealth management center”, and we are delighted that they made our vision a successful reality.

Throughout the process, we witnessed extraordinary effort and remarkable teamwork, and echoing our Senior Management’s sentiments, we truly believe that we have set a new standard at Citibank globally and set a new standard for wealth management for the industry.

Firstly, the unique and innovative “banking conservatory” scheme, creates a memorable and class-leading experience for customers; the interior design seems “tailor-made” for the glass atrium.

Secondly, I am proud that the project is rooted in sustainable and green features and has achieved LEED “Gold” and Green Mark “Platinum"!

Thirdly, we have received overwhelmingly positive customer responses, leading to an improvement in the quality of interactions. This wealth hub has elevated Citibank’s brand image as industry leader (especially sustainability conscious) and contributed to Citibank’s status as a regional and global leader in wealth management services. We have also enjoyed greater quality of employee interactions; amid a work environment they are happy to come into.

It is truly rare when the actual built project outshines the renderings, and this is one of those cases. This interior design truly elevated the benchmark for wealth management centers.”
— Sean Sim, Senior Vice President, Country Head, Citibank

Citi Wealth Hub has won 11 international design awards:

  1. Winner, Design of the Year, 2021 at SIA Architectural Design Awards, Singapore
  2. Winner, Design Award, 2021 at SIA Architectural Design Awards, Singapore
  3. Winner, Best Finance Office, 2021 at Interior Design, Best of Year Awards, USA
  4. Winner, Best Shopping Space, 2021 at INDE Awards, Australia
  5. Winner, Gold Award, Environmental Design: Retail & Showroom Spaces, 2021 at DFA Design for Asia Awards, Hong Kong
  6. Winner, Best Interior Work, 2021 at Blueprint Awards, United Kingdom
  7. Winner, Project of the Year, 2021 at IDCS Design Excellence Awards, Singapore
  8. Winner (1 of 5), Best of Asia, 2022 at Shaw Contract Design Awards, USA
  9. Honorable Mention, Interior Design - Retail, Shops, Department Stores, Malls, 2021 at International Design Awards, USA
  10. Finalist, Large Retail Interior, 2021 at Dezeen Awards, United Kingdom
  11. Finalist, Retail Space, 2021 at FX Design Awards, United Kingdom

Jury Citation:
"This project is a manifestation of immersive landscaping and biophilia. The success of the interior spaces is many-fold. Firstly, the soaring day-lit banking conservatory is fully contextual and integrates seamlessly within the envelope of the glass house atrium. One would be hard pressed to believe this space was not custom designed for the garden. The symbolic nature of plants in terms of well-being and growth is unexpected but refreshing for banking interiors. The meandering paths, meeting pods and diverse interaction spaces created, question the norm for banking facilities. The designer worked closely with the landscape architect to ensure the sustainability of the plants, as well as careful plant selection to achieve a lush tropical backdrop.

The remaining interior spaces overlooking this central garden were efficiently planned and beautifully designed. The tasteful and impeccably detailed interiors are aspirational to both client and staff. The spaces work well for post-Covid working operations where open spaces and social distancing are required. This project is unanimously awarded 'The Design of the Year'.”
— SIA Architectural Design Awards, Singapore, 2021