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183 SQM, BUILT 2019

BRAND STRATEGY, Graphic, Signage, Interior,

Design Description:
MOD has completed a 183sqm ‘ultra-performance’ retail store, named “Durasport” in Jewel Changi Airport. Featuring an immersive, futuristic and R&D lab environment for sports enthusiasts to try out the sportswear and equipment before buying them, the products were co-curated by MOD, and include the world’s lightest racing bicycle, heat-moldable customized cycling shoes, wet suits which minimize stretch resistance, adjustable alpine ski boots suitable for scaling uphill slopes as well as downhill skiing and a power breather for swimmers which enhances lap times.

Up Your Game - Performance driven retail

Brand building
‘How do we make a brick and mortar sports store relevant in the 21st century?’

In a mature market like Singapore where online shopping is prevalent and there is no shortage of established multi-label sports stores; we had to ask ourselves this question when approached by our client to create DURASPORT, a sports retail brand and its flagship store.

Foundationally, we began by honing the positioning of the brand through an extensive analysis of the sporting goods market as well as our client’s existing brand and product inventory. From the information gained, we narrowed down and eventually identified a market segment that at present remains relatively untapped: the ‘ultra-performance’ athlete & sporting enthusiast. Once these critical positioning and brand decisions were made, they became the project’s “North Star”, referred to and applied downstream to the choice of brands and products to carry, user experience journey, spatial planning, 3D form exploration, material and lighting selection, display system design, brand name, logo and collaterals, and overarching visual identity.

Visual Identity
Eschewing typical sporty branding often adopted by sportswear retail, we strove for a future-forward laboratory-like design direction for the visual identity, in tandem with Durasport’s positioning as a “ultra-performance” retail brand.

We adopted an X symbol for the logo, to represent the catalyst at the beginning of any experiment, reminiscent of the two arrows coming together like an “X” at the store entrance. The name card’s graphic design mimics a lab report and is finished in silver foil stamp for a futuristic aesthetic. Using a similar metallic material palette, the small shopper bag features foil packaging known as Mylar, an industrial material that is extremely light, durable, and strong. The medium and large shopper bags were designed using a silver non-woven material, typically used in science laboratories, featuring properties like liquid repellence, resilience and thermal insulation.


  1. Winner, Best Retail, 2020 at BCI Asia Interior Design Awards, Singapore
  2. Certificate of Excellence, Professional Interior Design Commercial & Retail, 2019 at A&D Trophy Awards, Hong Kong
  3. Finalist, Best Interior Project: Leisure, 2019 at Blueprint Awards, United Kingdom